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Being an Agile Dev

Organizations talk about becoming agile but what does it mean for a developer to be Agile?

In this talk you’ll learn about scrum and other types of agile software development and what the differences are. And then we’ll take a deeper dive into scrum and why standups are more than just making sure you’re doing work, and why retrospectives are more than just talking about feelings. Along the way we’ll discuss what you should be contributing, and what you should be getting out of each meeting.


Courtney  Heitman

Courtney Heitman

Scrum Master & UX Developer, Gallup

A Physics of Software Design

Learning how to write quality, maintainable code has been a question left to intuition, personal reinvention (after repeated failure), and the memorization of maxims such as "Tell Don't Ask", "Feature Envy", SOLID, et al.

But can we compare these maxims – these learned lessons – across paradigms, and arrive at a generalization which serves as a sort of guiding "Grand Unified Theory of Software Development" (Jim Weirich)?

Some of this work has been done, and the resulting concept and vocabulary is not only simple to explain (and immediately applicable) to early learners, but can serve as a metric for quantifying maintainability and refactoring opportunities at all levels of software architecture.


David Michael Gregg

David Michael Gregg

Instructor, Software Engineering, Kenzie Academy