The road to becoming or advancing as a developer can be daunting. The amount of knowledge that is required to become a developer continues to increase in scale and complexity. Developing your skills, both professional and technical, can be complex and time consuming. Professional development skills can be as complex as learning a new programming language. What if you could get a download of knowledge that could speed up your career journey?

In this breakout session, the presenter will focus on ways to assist with creating a road map for a starting developer, giving tips for the intermediate professional, and highlighting ways for managers to nurture their developers to gain foundational and professional skills. The goal of this talk is to showcase the five things every developer needs. Major topics will include: Communication, Practices, Advanced Skills, Core Attributes, and Acceptance.

By the end of the session, the audience will have learned to embrace the journey towards mastery and leave with a spark to continue pushing to develop themselves.