The tools and toolchains we use in modern software development make creating powerful, maintainable software easier than ever. However, this comes at a price: The ever-changing, evolving set of tools makes the process of setting up a development environment far more difficult. Depending on how many projects you need to work on, potentially across different stacks (or even different versions of the same stack), getting an engineer's development environment set up properly can be a real pain.

With Visual Studio Code Dev Containers, you can containerize an entire development environment, complete with all code, required tools and even VS Code extensions, allowing engineers to simply spin up the entire environment on-demand. You can standardize the environment so that all engineers are working with the same versions of the tools as everyone else. New hires can be ready to run, debug and commit changes to a codebase on their first day. Open-source contributors can easily open the code and be ready to contribute without having to configure complex environments.

In this session, I'll walk through the benefits of Dev Containers and how to create them for your new or existing projects.