We all now recognize that in a successful data strategy, the business can no longer just play the role of passive consumer, but now also must take an active role in the authoring of BI models, reports, and dashboards.

That’s easy to say, but a delicate balancing act in practice. Most organizations understandably struggle with big questions on how to even begin. How much business involvement is too much, or too little? Who do you include as authors, and who remains in a consumer role? What kinds of training and policies are required? Do you roll it out all at once, or piecemeal? Above all, how do you prevent the whole thing from devolving into chaos?

Good news: these questions do have relatively simple answers once you see the challenge as a human one, and understand how to blend the right kind of relationships with a properly-tuned underlying tech framework. In this session, agile BI thought leader Rob Collie shares lessons and methodologies developed over 8+ years of consulting with clients specifically in this space.