In this talk, Ed Finkler, founder of Open Sourcing Mental Illness (OSMI) and 25 year web dev vet, will share his personal journey as a successful developer with mental health struggles and discuss the impact of mental health issues in the developer community. He will also explore practical steps that individuals and organizations can take to prioritize mental health and support those affected. By attending this talk, participants will gain a deeper understanding of the challenges faced by developers with mental health issues and learn practical ways to support themselves and others in the tech community.

Talk Outline:

    Ed's personal journey as a successful developer with mental health struggles
    The reality behind the fa├žade of success

Mental Health Statistics
    Global prevalence and impact
    Increase in anxiety and depressive disorders
    Economic cost
    Treatment options and accessibility

Mental Health in the Tech Industry
    Limited research available
    OSMI's contributions
    Mental Health in Tech survey results
    Personal anecdotes from developers

What Can We Do as Individuals?
    Prioritizing personal health
    Refusing to sacrifice well-being for work
    Learning how to help oneself and support others
    Mental Health First Aid training
    Knowing your rights with OSMI Handbooks

What Can Organizations Do?
    Understanding the influence on employee health
    Supporting employees with Mental Health First Aid
    Knowing organizational responsibilities with OSMI Handbooks
    Actively communicating the importance of mental health and well-being

    Mental Health First Aid:
    OSMI Handbooks:

Conclusion and Q&A
    Acknowledging the importance of mental health in the developer community
    The role of individuals and organizations in promoting mental well-being
    Contact information for Ed Finkler and OSMI