All software has sharp edges. This talk will showcase how we use rego and OPA to find users at our software edges and guide them back to happy paths.


My team of 3 SREs and 3 developers supports 25000+ integration points with external counterparties. While we delegate as much responsibility as we can to individual business units, we are ultimately responsible for the flows. We keep our ticket count low by empowering our users and providing tools. One new tool we're piloting uses Rego and OPA to find integrations that are outside the expectations of the expectations of our business units. Initial runs within a particular BU identified 50% of their integrations didn't conform to their standards.

My aim for this talk is to showcase the use of technology to enhance the function of the organizational structure. Some teams are highly regimented while others very flexible, which prevents centralized rules. Providing a tool allows each BU to implement their own policy and how strictly it is enforced. These goals are at the heart of marrying development and operations. It also shows an example of policy-as-code outside the normal use-cases of admissions controllers and authorization.