The concepts that founded Progressive Web Apps date back as early as the year 2000. But, much like NFC technology, PWAs could not succeed in the market until the major players decided to hop on board. This presentation will walk through:

  1. An overview of what a PWA is (and is not)

  2. The history of PWAs from 2000-2023 highlighting major movements & milestones

  3. Why PWAs are awesome: PWAs are web apps that can:

    • “Win the Home Page” No need to find and download from an App Store Personalize campaigns to achieve multiple opportunities to get that “Win”

    • PWAs can leverage mobile OS system calls From places you couldn’t before

    • PWAs are one codebase (web, iOS, Android) and (almost) as fast and responsive as native apps

The vision above sounds wonderful, but there ARE limitations. We’ll leave the audience with REALISTIC expectations on how they can apply PWA tech in their products.