Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you know that git is the most popular source control management in development shops today. And for good reason; its power overshadows tools you may have used in the past, such as Subversion or Team Foundations. While most developers and companies know this, making the switch can be painful. It’s all too common to lose code or introduce bugs because of difficulties merging or resolving conflicts. But fear not - it is possible to master git, and you will after spending a day in this course. After a brief overview of git concepts and capabilities, we’ll walk through exercises with real code in pairs and groups (for a realistic team experience). We’ll resolve conflicts, squash commits, stomp on other people’s code, fix our mistakes, introduce bugs (and then use git to find them), tag our commits, and more. All exercises will be performed on the command line, so you’ll truly understand what’s happening without the aid of GUI-based tools.

PS Don’t get your head detached about working in pairs and groups! We put the “fun” in “git fundamentals” with name tags, snacks, frequent breaks, and background music. No kumbaya or trust falls required.