Artificial Intelligence. Machine Learning. Data Science. These have been the hot buzzwords for the past several years. And us developers? We've been following this new technology like we always do. But this time it's not just a new programming language or JavaScript framework. AI is different.

The world of a developer is about code. Code that defines the behavior of some process. But the world of a data scientist is about data. Data that describes the behavior of some process.

An AI Engineer has a foot in each of these worlds.

If you'd like to have a foot in both of these worlds too, this talk will get you started. In it, I'll share what an AI Engineer is and isn't, steps you can take to begin your journey, and some common pitfalls to avoid. When we're done, you'll have a solid idea of exactly how you, as a developer, can fit into the world of data science, how to close the gaps to get there, and what you need to call yourself an AI Engineer.