There is no doubt that IoT is gaining momentum. The vast network of connected devices today will grow to more than four devices per person on the planet by 2020. Many companies are lagging behind this trend, due to confusion over the plethora of terms, concepts, proprietary standards, protocols, and solutions for internet-connected things.

During “Internet of Things, Defogged” you will learn: * The Google Cloud Platform (GCP) reference architecture for a typical IoT solution * Specific GCP services mapped to business and system needs * Real-life case studies and modern deployment options * Efficient processing and storage of sensor data * GCP services including Cloud IoT Core, Pub/Sub, Dataflow, BigQuery, BigTable, Cloud MLE, and TensorFlow

Participants will learn about possible choices (and consequences) of making particular architecture decisions that affect power efficiency, reliability, cost, etc. Additionally, discuss present real-world case studies and address practical questions which often arise during IoT adoption by enterprises.

Attendees are encouraged to think of potential use cases and bring for discussion.