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An Introduction to Machine Learning

It's hard to avoid hearing about machine learning today. It seems that every business is making use, or in some cases misuse, of machine learning to improve how they do everything from hiring, to product design, to making it a feature in their products directly. Unfortunately, very few stories go past the surface layer of "this company / application uses machine learning". If you've heard those stories and are left wondering how they're applying machine learning, or what it is machine learning can even do, then two things are true:

  1. You're in good company
  2. You should attend this workshop

We'll cover the basics of machine learning. In particular, we'll look at:

  • What kinds of problems can machine learning solve?
  • Which algorithms are appropriate for a given problem?
  • How do those algorithms work from a formal perspective?
  • How do I evaluate and visualize the performance of a machine learning algorithm?

We'll do this by treating the workshop as a very condensed version of an ML course. We'll interleave labs and lectures throughout the day to give attendees a solid foundational understanding of machine learning techniques as well as some practical experience implementing and using the algorithms. Lab scaffolding code and examples will be provided in python, with reference implementations available after the conclusion of the workshop for self evaluation.

Attendees will leave with:

  • A better understanding of what machine learning can and can't do
  • A solid understanding of how to evaluate machine learning algorithms
  • Familiarity with open source implementations of
    • machine learning algorithms
    • evaluation of ML algorithms
    • visualization of data, ML algorithm performance


Robert Herbig

Robert Herbig

Lead Software Engineer, SEP
Jordan Thayer

Jordan Thayer

AI Practice Lead, SEP

New SQL Server Features for Developers

Latest SQL Server versions added many new features and services to its database engine. I will cover the latest features of SQL Server 2017 and 2019 for developers in this session. Don't miss it!

Here is the list of features I will cover in this session.

  • Using Graph Tables in SQL Server
  • Temporal Tables for Auditing
  • How to run R Script, Python and Java in SQL Server
  • Using Clustered Columnstore Indexes
  • Using Memory Optimized Tables
  • jSON in SQL Server


Hasan Savran

Hasan Savran

BI Architect, Progressive Insurance

Machine learning made it easy with ML.NET

Break into the World of machine learning, which is both available and easy for .NET developers. It’s imperative in today’s world to be able to make fast decisions based on real-time data. In this session, you will learn how easy is to start using machine learning in your .NET applications via ML.NET in F# to make split-second evaluations. This session demo includes several code examples to cover different machine learning algorithms for useful cases. You will walk away from this session with knowledge on how to leverage functional approaches in combination with ML.NET, to maximize your business success.  


Riccardo Terrell

Riccardo Terrell

Senior Consultant, BDS